"Publish" Theme Pagination Problem: content moved below "older posts" button

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    Hi WordPress People,

    we’ve recently moved the blog of our Open Source Project to wordpress.com: http://blog.couchdb.org/ We’re using Theme “Publish” with no CSS changes or similar. The theme offers infinite scroll (loads 7 posts per scroll).

    We’re facing the following problem (reproduced across Firefox, Chrome, Safari):
    – infinite scroll is disabled
    – reading setting for pages is set to 2 posts per page now
    – if the number is greater than two, the number of posts displayed *above* the “older posts” button on each page is correct
    – but below the “older posts” button, there’s a high number of older posts (varying from 1-50)
    – then also all widgets in the left sidebar (except from “menu”) are not displayed correctly anymore, they’re moved to the bottom of the page
    -> see screenshot (screenshot was made with limitation to 4 posts per page, screenshot is only an excerpt (not all 4 posts shown): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25592547/blog-bug-screen.png

    I have tried changing reading settings, enabling / disabling infinite scroll and changing the number of posts displayed per page.
    Note: if you open the blog now, it’s correct (because only 2 posts per page are displayed).

    To be honest, I have no clue why this is happening and how we could approach this, also couldn’t find anything on forums. And I’d highly appreciate your help!



    The blog I need help with is blog.couchdb.org.



    I’m not sure this is it, but similar problems, especially with the menu bar moving to the bottom can be caused by text widgets with an open tag.

    TimeTheif also offered some other trouble shooting tips for similar(ish) problems in this thread.


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