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    Can the Facebook application include a Privacy setting, as other apps do. I would like to be able to have WordPress publish my blog posts to my Facebook wall, but limit which of my friends can see posts from the WordPress application. Facebook’s Notes app has this feature under Settings. Can WordPress’ Facebook app include it too?


    The blog I need help with is



    This would be useful to me too, but for the opposite reason. I have my facebook profile locked down to keep my wall discussions (relatively) private, but my wordpress blog is public so I would like the published posts to be available to a wider audience than my default settings allow. I’ll vote for this option



    The first poster’s option is built in to his facebook wall: if it’s set to Friends-only then everything he publishes to it is visible only to his friends.

    The second option would take a GREAT deal of programming expertise, and might not even be possible, since FB probably would need to make a whole different tab for it. Why don’t you use the Notes or WP apps features, and then you can set the privacy of that FB tab to whatever you want?



    Let me clarify my original post.

    My friends are divided into Lists. Via the default Privacy Settings for the Wall (ie ‘Posts by Me’), I can select which list of friends sees what is posted to my wall. When I update my FB Status I can also limit which lists of friends see my post to the wall on a post-by-post basis, via the ‘Share’ option’s – custom privacy (“viewable to” or “Hide from”).

    It is this second option I wish to have WordPress feature – a ‘Share’ option that enables you to choose which List of Friends sees that WP post on the wall.

    The ‘Posts by Me’ default privacy settings for “Viewable to” and “Hide from” for the Wall take precedence over an individual post’s custom privacy settings. This is apparent when I choose to “make viewable” a post to a selective friend who is also on a default “Hide from” list. Even though I make the post “Viewable to” that particular friend, because he/she is on a default “Hide from” list, they do not even see the Wall tab let alone the post on the wall.

    My work around right now, is to use the FB Notes app to bring in my WP Blog as an RSS feed. New WP posts are then seen in the Notes under the Notes tab. Because I can limit who can see my Notes tab, this is not a problem. I then have a second step in FB where I take that Note from the RSS feed and ‘Share’ it to my Wall, making it “Viewable to” the Lists I wish to see the WP blog.

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