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publish today posts with a future date

  1. hello,
    i'm using wordpress to publish events announcements and want to show immediatelly posts using a future date.
    There's any way to do so without modifing WP sorce code?

  2. If I understand correctly, only by going to the Manage Posts section of your dashboard and viewing them that way.

  3. you can publish future posts today by editing the timestamp in the editor (look at the right sidebar when you edit a post). it will be published on your blog whatever future date you set it to be.

  4. If you want to display the future date but publish them now, I'd put the future date at the top of the post, inside the post, in bold. Then people will be able to see what the date that relates to it is.

  5. thanks for suggestions, anyway what I really need is to make appear today a post with a future date on the public blog.

    sulz: i believe, that is for writing today a post that will be automatically published on a certain date.

    raincoster: a date on the post body could solve some situation, but I need the correct date to be in it's right place to have meaningful event dates on the RSS feed, as I convert it to a JSON data structure that is shown with a Simile Timeline component on this static page.

    Any hack?

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