Published blog but it didn't share to Facebook

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    macmanx….when I try to post a link a WP login link shows



    That sounds like your blog is private then, so it won’t publicize either. What’s the URL of your blog?


    Member is my main blog but I’m having the same issues with



    And you see a login link when you try to share a post URL (not an edit URL) from any post on either of those two blogs?



    No, sorry I pasted the link wrong. it works when I insert the URL into the FB post manually



    But I still get this message when I return to edit a post once I see it did not post on FB:

    “To enable Publicize: Facebook, you will need to authorize your account on Spine Strong to connect with your Facebook account.

    Clicking the link below will take you to Facebook where you will need to log in and click “allow” several times.

    Authorize connection with Facebook”



    Ok, just to be sure, did you try the full reconnect procedure outlined at ?

    I only ask because step 3 in the above linked guide is crucial, not part of the quick reconnect process through the Dashboard, and it sounds like that is the only missing link.



    I’ve officially followed that exact procedure 7 times now lol



    Hm, ok, that’s definitely a pain. :(

    Are you trying to publicize to your personal FaceBook wall or to a FaceBook page?



    Initially the process was working fine. My spine strong WP posts were linked to my personal FB page. Then I decided that I wanted it linked to my spine strong FB page instead and I made my traveling chiropractor WP posts link to my personal FB page. Something got screwy during all that and this started happening so I disconnected from FB entirely and just went back to trying to link my spine strong WP to my spine strong FB. I haven’t been able to reconnect since.

    Now I’m taking the advice of timethief and trying to use the rss graffiti but I can’t really figure it out. I would much prefer to stick with the WP service if we can get it to work



    Does it work if you link back to your personal page?



    I have the same problem:-(

    I have tried :

    disconnect from facebook and also delete the connection from my facebook to wordpress and connect it all together again, but post shows up on my faacebook account

    Thanks for all the tips anyway,I think I need to contact the support

    best regards


    I am having the exact same problem. After the feature worked beautifully for a few days, and without me changing anything, it just stopped working (Twitter still works just fine). I have tried the official full fix — including step 3 — multiple times and it just doesn’t resolve the problem. I am able to post manually and have been doing that ever since Publicize to Facebook failed. I’m with danb377 in that I really don’t want to use other services to accomplish this. I just want WP to work the way it is supposed to, as it did when I first set it up. Sure hope WP will be able to correct this bug that seems to be affecting many.

    Blog url:
    Facebook page:



    ok, I’m glad I’m not the only one having this issue. I’m definitely not complaining because wordpress is just amazing and the support is fantastic, but I would love to see this bug remedied.


    I also followed all the publicize steps exactly. I administer two fan pages on facebook, and want the blog posts from to go to the facebook fan page. I have followed the steps, it said that I had done my successful authorization, and then that was it… Nothing went to facebook. Hope for some more tips or a fix to the bug!



    I’m having the same problem. Have repeatedly cleared the settings and reset them. On another account that I manage, I’ve set up the process from scratch and the published to a FACEBOOK PAGE but the link is not working. The links to twitter work perfectly.

    Taking a step back I’ve removed authority from Facebook and reset permissions numerous times.

    It all used to work.



    I administer two fan pages on facebook, and want the blog posts from to go to the facebook fan page .

    I’m sorry but it is not an option to connect a blog to a page instead of a profile at this time. It may be something we add in the future though. Please watch for news and announcements.

    RSS Graffiti periodically checks the RSS/Atom feeds that you specify and posts any new entries it finds to the Facebook Walls that you specify. You can get any feed written on any wall (Facebook Profiles, Fan Pages, Groups, Events and Application Profile Pages). In fact, multiple feeds to multiple walls. You choose the combination.


    I was able to post my first six blog posts to!/pages/Jan-Marin-Tramontano/264674730209380

    I was even given the option of which page I wanted the blog to post to when I initially authorized the facebook connection.

    Why, on 6 September, did it work to automatically share a blog on facebook but on 10 September it didn’t? –Thanks

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