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    Hello. We have a blog at wordpress with several users. With our old theme “Tarski” the name of the user who published the specific post showed nest to the date under the headline, trying some other themes, for example “Dusk” and “Greenery”, it doesnt seem to have this setting. Does anyone know if I can set it manualy somehow?



    no, not on .com



    /nod to options

    Some themes have the Author page templates and some do not. As options has said there is no way to manually change this. If it’s important to you that each author is individually attributed there are some options.

    (1) You can choose a theme that provides for and displays individual authors. There are theme reviews that can assist you in determining if a theme provides this “authors” feature. Look in the section titled “Display post author”.

    (2) If the theme you prefer to use does not this feature then you can create a category called “Authors” as a “parent” category and then create “children” (Tom, Dick, Harry) sub-categories for each author’s name under the parent category Authors.

    (3) Or if neither of the above options are suitable then you can have each author include a byline in the posts they create.

    Happy blogging! :)



    I suggest having each author tag their posts with their names. That way readers can locate all posts by any given writer with one click. Also, Technorati and Google will read and store links.

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