Published? Not being recognized on Google with key word searches

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    My post will not publish. When I type in key words on google, other articles come up, but not mine. Why is it not getting pulled up? I have tagged every possible key word imaginable. This is a time sensitive issue and I need it posted ASAP.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I have chosen not to comment in threads on this topic, as every time I do my comments end up in the spam filter, despite the fact that what I post is accurate. Please be patient while waiting for another Volunteer or Staff to reply to you.


    Then why bother to write at all? I got your message. It didn’t end up in
    Spam. So?



    One of the classic errors new bloggers make is excessive tagging. When it comes to categories and tags assign only relevant ones and know that less is more. Be aware that Google’s search spiders are focused on keywords found in your content. They are not focused on tags but when they discover tags on any post that are not the same keywords that appear in post content the COUGH! Please see here >



    Morning @TT – yet another new site panic on search engines – maybe we should get a new category here just for search questions?

    @coastal – you have a two week old blog with two Posts in it – Google barley knows you are alive – time sensitive or not – it takes search engines 4 to 6 weeks typically to index a new web site.

    Go to timethiefs site (see above) for hints on how to get your site noticed.

    You are also in danger of being called a Tag Spammer by the search engines – reduce your tag and category count to a max 10 to 12 per Post.

    Blog more and be patient.



    Then why bother to write at all? I got your message. It didn’t end up in
    Spam. So?

    I posted to see if my comment would end up in the spam filter. The good news is that it didn’t. :)



    Good morning!


    Thanks. I didn’t realize that because my blog is “new” it requires time. Ironically, I’ve had a blog for over a year but had to change the domain name due to an issue and start over. I will go back and de-tag. I kept adding tags because it wasn’t showing up. Any more advice? Thanks for the decompression… :)


    @auxclass, Thanks.

    As I responded to @TT, I’ve had a blog for over a year that had to change three weeks ago due to domain issues. It has been hell, I assure you. Having been used to seeing my articles take precedence, your absolutely correct when you said “panic” set in. I kept adding tags (which I have subsequently removed) because I could not find it anywhere.

    So, I gather it will be a matter of time before I see my blogs take precedence as they did before…[sigh]


    You might be able to offer advice, on this matter? The original website was Coastal Food AND Wine. It won’t let me register that name. Hence, no “and” in the title now. I would like to get the original title back.



    I know eactly what you mean as I have been there and done that too. There are no shortcuts. It will take about 3 – 4 months time before all your content will be re-indexed by Google and Bing, etc. under the new domain URLs. Hang in there!



    I would like to get the original title back.

    Settings > General is where you can change your Blog Title and/or optional Tagline at any time.


    Somehow, I didn’t think so [i.e. shortcuts]. Patience is something I’ll have to write on… :)

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