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    I scheduled a page to publish the other day. It says it was published but it doesn’t show on my website. I published it under my “Plant Encyclopedia” page. It was a post for lettuce. I can type in and it pulls up just fine but the link is not under my “Plant Encyclopedia” tab like “Bush Bean’s” is.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    You still need to add the page to your Custom Menu (Dashboard > Appearance > Menu), to the same place as Bush Beans.

    I went ahead and added this, but you may want to change the order these appear in.

    You’ll want to do this for each new page you’d like to appear under that menu tab.

    I really like your blog!


    Thank you for your help before adding the to the menu- that did fix the problem. I am now having a different problem. We have quite a few plant guides and we have now added 4 to the drop down menu. It is no longer letting me add the new posts to the menu. Is there a max number that we can add to that drop down? Thanks!



    Hi there,

    I’m not sure if this is what you’re referring to, but I was able to add the “onion” page to the menu item Plant Encyclopedia:

    Some users will see a limit on their menus, but it’s typically extremely high.

    Just let me know if I am thinking of the wrong area!


    Yes that is how we want it, but everytime I do it- I will move it over to be lined up underneath the other ones so that it is in a submenu, and then I press save and it automatically moves it out of the sub menu to the main menu. What am I doing wrong?



    Hmm, that’s exactly what I did and it worked fine for me. Could I impose on you to try this same process in Chrome? I’m not suggesting that you have to switch to Chrome permanently, but I tried in Chrome (so we could do this little test to see if there’s something we need to look at more closely in IE).



    It looks like it worked perfectly in Chrome. Thanks for your help!



    You may want to check to see if you have any browser extensions in IE that could be interfering with your activities. Best of luck!

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