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Published Pages not appearing on Page Widget or Header

  1. I am publishing public pages but they are not appearing on the blog itself. It is as if they have been made private, hidden pages but they are not. They are not appearing on the page widget or the header section.

    I have used multiple blogs for years and have never experienced this problem before. This is impacting on all the blogs under my membership and is incredibly frustrating.

    Can you explain this and help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's possible that you have to scroll down a bit, because some previous posts were marked as sticky. Sticky posts appear above the other posts. They will stay at the top of your posts until you uncheck that option on the Edit screen for that post.

  3. I appreciate this suggestion Kadotim but the problem is not with posts but with pages. The program seems to be temperamental. Sometimes the published pages are listed on the page widget and then the listing disappears again. I have to republish to have them show and then the link vanishes again. Happily the pages themselves are still listed in the list of pages. This is frustrating glitch is not confined to just one blog. I have multiple blogs and it is a recurring problem.

  4. What's the title of the page widget? because I don't see it listed at

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Simply 'Pages'. At the moment it is stable but it seems to play up on the day I publish, possibly before the days data is saved by the main system. All a bit weird!

  6. I have republished the widgets and the pages are all showing now. This is one of those really annoying, sporadic problems with the appearance of the blog once it is published.

  7. If it happens again please try clearing out your cache. For now I'll set this thread as resolved. You can always contact us if you have any other questions.

  8. I did do all of that Kardotim. I cleared the cache and cookies and it still kept happening on multiple blogs in my account. I am not unhappy about it being called resolved for now.

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