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published post missing

  1. Hi,

    I published a post ( and now it's gone. The two comments on it now say they are from the next post ( and the image I used is still in my library (, but the post itself is gone. When I type in the address for the post I get sent to the next post.... Any ideas gurus?

    The blog I need help with is

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  3. I don't see any record of that post every existing in the first place.

    Unless you published it under a different title, it appears to be gone for good.

  4. Ah well, first problem in a few years and not that serious. Thanks for a great platform for my trip!

  5. Hi,

    I too have lost a post, only a moment ago! I even saw it and read it as I wanted to link to it in my today's post. I copied the address:
    But then when I clicked on the link my post is gone! It has been replaced by a post that I re-blogged some days ago. The comments found in this post belongs to my original post.

    What the hell... where is my original post??

  6. Here is the post: that has replaced my original post:

    Is there a bug regarding re-blogging? I must trust that my blogg isn't messed up, and this has me worried that other blogposts has been affected...

  7. Is it in your trash file on your Posts page? What happens if you open up Revisions on the edit page of that post?

  8. And yes, reblogging yourself IS an issue. In fact, I don't think it used to be possible at all.

  9. Thanks for answering raincoaster!

    Naturally I have not reblogged myself, I reblogged another blogger's post. THAT post somehow has overwritten my post written and posted in February. I will check my Trash files and Revisions and will get back to you.

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