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    Hi- I realize support volunteers are out till the 14th, but i wonder if anyone can help me here… I always check to see if my posts show up in the specified categories. Sometimes they don’t show up at all, so I edit my post a little and reduce the categories, then when I re- republish they show up. Ok. Fine.

    My question: I checked this morning’s post ( title: Sarcasm is NOT ok ) and it showed up in the specified categories. But now when I check again it is nowhere to be found. I know this because posts written much longer ago than mine are showing up.

    Any feedback here would be much appreciated! Thanks. Psychscribe



    Support volunteers are always here! It’s the paid staff who aren’t.

    When you ask if it’s showing up in the categories, do you mean on your blog, or in the global WP categories?

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