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published_sm on simpla

  1. I am looking to add a date block in front of each blog. I believe the date layout shows up under div.published_sm. Is there a way to use this in the simpla theme? If, not, what other similar themes support it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am looking to add a date block in front of each blog.

    (1) What do you mean by "each blog"? Are you referring to posts or static pages?

    (2) Are you using a conventional post based blog structure on your blog, or are you creating a mock website based on a static Page structure?

  3. BTW while you are waiting for help with CSS editing you will benefit from reading this post >

  4. Thanks timethief, I am talking about posts, not pages.
    Also, The publication date shows up as a big date field below the title. I am talking about the publication format like that in Redoable_Lite (using the div.publication_sm). Is that some thing available in Simpla?
    PS. is not working.


  5. The link I posted above leads nowhere and I knew that when I posted it. ;) I posted it as an example so you could see the structure of the Post URLs here at I cannot help you with CSS editing. You will have to wait for another volunteer.
    Best wishes :)

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