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Publisher theme: how to change colour and text size of menu and site title?

  1. Could anyone tell me how to change the colour and text size/font of the menu, site title and tagline?

    (There is a tagline under the main title but it doesn't show through the white I have as a background as it appeared in default as a white.)

    I feel the title is too small, so is the menu text - and I want to change the menu text to the orange seen elsewhere as it's hardly visible as it is.

    If this is a CSS change it would be great if someone who knows this stuff could send a code that I can change according to the colour and size I want...


    The blog I need help with is

  2. To change the color and the size of the menu items, add this and change the values:

    .main-navigation a {
    color: #456789;
    font-size: 11px;

    To change the size of the blog title, add this and increase the value:

    .site-title {
    font-size: 24px;

    To change the color and the size of the tagline, add this and change the values:

    .site-description {
    color: #123456;
    font-size: 11px;
  3. bakingnotwriting

    I need to change the color of the site description in my Oxygen themed blog ( I fixed it before the update but can't remember what I did! Thanks!

  4. Thank you very much, justpi - I will give that a go later and report back!

  5. Wow, that worked like magic, thank you! I can see now there's a certain logic to it – I feel I need to get my head into gear to learn it myself. Could I ask you while I'm on, how would I change the text colour/font in the 'recent blog posts' area to the right of the home page (scroll down a little). This is a widget area.

    PS Bakingnotwriting - I imagine the principle is the same whatever your theme? You could copy and paste the suggestions Justpi made. To find out the 'numbers' of colours, I used this site, which matches numbers to any given colour combination

  6. @fwordsblog:
    You're welcome!
    To change the color of the RP links, add this and change 456789:

    #secondary a {
    color: #456789;

    Another good webpage with color palettes and hex numbers is this:

    This post of mine might also be useful to you:

    Your blog is self-hosted, so you're in the wrong forum.

  7. Brilliant, thank you - that worked fine. I've saved all your suggestions and the link to your post so I can refer to it all again.

  8. Hi,

    How do you change the size of the entire header? I want to make mine bigger as it's only showing half of my logo. Is that possible?

  9. .site-header {
    height: 420px;
  10. Thank you!

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