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    I’m trying to post an article so an editor can see it. How would I do that? Thanks much.




    We need you to post the link for the blog in question starting with http://
    When you do that we will be able to give you the correct answer depending on the software you are using.


    If you are a contributor on a blog, your posts will be held for the editor or admin to review and approve. They will actually publish the article if you are a contributor.

    If you are set up as an “author” then you can directly publish the article to the blog without having to wait for an editor or admin to approve it.



    Thx so much timethief and the sacredpath. I don’t know waht the link is, timethief. I’m just logged in and don’t think I have a blog yet. I’d like to be set up as an author. I’ll try to do that. Much appreciation.



    If it’s your own blog you set up then you will be the Administrator and don’t need to ask anyone for approval to make a Post, Page, change the Theme etc.

    Just don’t delete the blog as then the address is gone forever, even from you.

    If you have trouble and get things real confused that can always be fixed without deleting and starting over.

    The support documents are quite good:

    Good luck



    You’re welcome form me Susan. Happy blogging. :)

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