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Publishing Bug

  1. When I tried publishing (retried even with another browser) my last post the breaks (spaces between paragraphs) were ignored. Check it out and compare to my prior posts to compare. This is a new bug.

    Everything is stuck together.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. For starters the site linked to your name does not seem to be a site hosted on WordPress.COM we need the URL beginning with http before we can provide accurate help.

  3. It's using DIVs instead of Ps to separate paragraphs. That can't be right.

  4. This bug came out of nowhere. It never happened before.

  5. Are you writing in the Post Editor or copying/pasting from elsewhere?

  6. Post Editor

  7. We forum volunteers can't really assist on this since it's a problem with the back end of things.

    I've tagged this thread for Staff for when they look in. If you don't hear back from them, you can contact them directly on the Support contact page after they return on March 1st.

  8. Thanks Jennifer

  9. Have you tried clicking to the HTML editor and manually removing the Divs?

  10. No. I just tried that and it worked. ;-)

    Thanks raincoaster!

  11. Here is an easier way that typically always works.

    This happens sometimes when you copy and paste from the web or another source and the editor gets set for "divs" instead of paragraph formatting. It can also sometimes just happen.

    Open the post or page in the editor, select all the text in the window, then from the format menu pulldown at the left end of the lower row of editor icons select "pagagraph."

  12. Thanks chief.

  13. Glad TSP was able to help you.

    Guess we'll have to wait and see if other people start to encounter this problem and post about it in the forums before we can call it a "bug". "-)

  14. @blackboxme, you are welcome.

    This is not a common issue, but it does happen from time to time, and sometimes there seems to be no reason it should, but the procedure I gave above will virtually always fix it. Keep it in mind if it ever happens again.

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