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    I know this sounds crazy, and I did just have eye surgery, but I see better, not worse! I can find the place to edit a post and it’s saved as a draft apparently … and I can find the place to preview it … but where the heck is the PUBLISH button? I swear I don’t have one.

    The blog I need help with is


    It should be in the right hand sidebar. It’s blue.


    Thanks, manifestcreative … there’s a right hand sidebar? Not on my blog. There’s one on the left, but no publish button on it. Is there somewhere I can paste a screen shot?



    Try editing your post in the Dashboard.

    The Publish button is the right side bar of the dashboard window below the save draft and preview buttons.

    You can publish screen shots here or give us a link to help ask your question.

    You could use Jing – to quickly whip up a screen shot.

    Also if you could also publish a link to your site/blog you are referring to.


    I give up. I didn’t want this to turn into an all-night project. Jing looks like a really cool program, but my firewall doesn’t want me to download the instructions. I may play with it when Mercury is no longer retrograde. I did manage to post to my blog; I just had to get there in a roundabout way. Now my Gravatar isn’t working. :- ( I thought my site address would be accessible to you, but I see it’s not. Sorry about that! It’s here: but I don’t think that’s going to help you see the lack of publishing button. Thank you both for all your attempts to help. Best regards.


    This one can be marked as resolved. There is no Publish button in the place where I was, but I found the place the two of you were directing me to, so good deal. Thanks again!

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