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publishing internationaly

  1. I will be traveling internationally and I will have limited "data transfer" capabilities. Is there anywhere I can see the actual data count (mb or gb) before I publish?
    Blog url:

  2. Generally, words alone are very small datawise. Where you'll run into trouble is if you publish photos right out of your camera into your post without resizing them first.

    You don't say whether you'll be posting directly on the website, by email or through a phone app; they're all different.

  3. Get something like Windows Live Writer (PC) or Ecto (Mac) - make your Posts on your PC then upload them and publish - safer and much easier - no data lag - once your Post is ready to go then all the upload is done as fast as your link will take the data

  4. I will be posting directly to WordPress via my iPhone. I understand that photos require more data space but I just don't know how much. My posts are usually 200-300 words with a couple of pics.

  5. Full answer to your original question, I don' t know of any way to judge the amount of data before you post. If you are using the iPhone app to do so, you might want to check out the iOS forum. Try some test posts before you go.

    You can also post by email and compose in offline mode and send it when you've got a data connection.

    Again, the words won't be what will eat up the data connection, it's the photos and you can adjust your camera settings to take smaller pictures, though I see you're posting smaller images on your blog already. Hopefully you're going to be in an area with free WiFi from time to time and that will help with the data burden.

    And, NAYY, if you don't have it yet on your phone, try Onavo. I'm using the Android version and it was very helpful in keeping me updated about my data use when we were abroad last month.

  6. thanks for all the info....

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