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publishing post directly in the page

  1. hello!
    I have a blog with 5 pages. I am trying to publish a post directly in let's say the page No 3, but whatever I do it goes to the Main Page. How to put it in page 3? Could you please help? Thank you :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you trying to put it on one of those static pages?

  3. what is static page? I have " Pages" where I have put 1 post and now when I want to put another one, I just go to " Pages", but it just shows my first post.

  4. Please refer:

    80tie, Personas, Programma, etc. on your site are pages. Under pages menu in the dashboard, you can edit any of these pages and the change will show up on the respective page.

    If you want to post something new on a regular basis, you should add a new post under the 'Posts' menu in the dashboard.

  5. The "main page" IS the blog. Everything else is a static page that sits outside the blog.

    I know what you're trying to do, and the solution is to use categories and put the category widget in the sidebar. Then all your posts about Whomp Rats or whatever will be on the dynamic Whomp Rat category page that readers can call up just by clicking on the link. There is even a work-around to make the tabs in a tabbed header link to category pages.

  6. Ach, I see, thanks! Yeah, categories I can link with whatever, I already noticed that. I just wanted to break one post that belongs to page 3 in 3 parts, so in 3 posts, but ok.

  7. You can do that sort of thing with this:

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