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  1. It's nobody's business at what time I post, so on one blog I blanked out the time indication for a test yesterday. However, today I see that in General Settings, the Time Format lost it check on 'Custom' and indicates a time option once more. Yet, there is still no posting time visible on the homepage. It seems that I got what I want, but are there certain drawbacks that I do not forsee?

  2. Since we've cleared the link-to-blog business, I'm assuming you're talking about your Dusk blog. If you're seeing no time stamp, then you're probably looking at a cached version of your blog. Log out, clear your browser's cache, and check again.

    The time format reverted to one of the standard options because the custom time format field doesn't accept nothing in it. See here for suggested workaround:

  3. Oh yes, the's on automatic emptying, so I didn't think of it.

    The icon code was featured in full on the blog, so I tried 0:00 and that did the trick. The Dusk to Dawn blog shows nothing but still shows the posting time in Quick Edit, and the Dusk blog now says
    at 0:00
    That's fine with me. ('at' is obviously part of the template CSS). Thanks for the tip anyway, panaghiotisadam.

    Since we've cleared the link-to-blog business

    Um...what has been cleared?

  4. I mean, my reaction with details and links is the last one in that thread.

  5. What we cleared up the first time I answered a question of yours, and suggested you post a link to your blog or make your username link to your blog, is that your Dusk blog is "Mature".

  6. @Panos
    On my personal blog I use the Dusk to Dawn theme and I cannot see a time on my posts being displayed to the public .

  7. @TT: Right. Sgreifwonder was talking about his old Dusk blog, not his Dusk to Dawn one.

  8. @Panos
    o-O Oh ... :(

  9. I should have mentioned the themes, but I thought the time indicating tool was a standard tool in all WP themes.
    I now use both (DtD is great for News&Actualities), and have removed time indication from both templates.
    I also discovered the colour manipulators, I thought they were available only for upgraders until I saw 'Background and Theme options'.

  10. Some themes display a time stamp by default while others don't, and in most that don't you can add one by creating a custom date format - see here:

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