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Publishing to facebook

  1. Ever since facebook switched over to the Timeline format wordpress hasn't been automatically publishing my blogs on FB, and I've had to link them manually. When I try to use the authorize link-up option it has says the link has expired.
    Any light that can shed on this issue is appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The problem is from facebook side. Facebook is discouraging autoshare. Autoshare link is not posted in the news feed so this is a mess to do it. Do share manually so that it reaches to maximum people. I always do it manually.

  3. @solemmanuel
    Manual posting is effective and autposting isn't since the Timeline was introduced. Hower, if you wish you can try the full reconnect procedure detailed at including step 3 (removing the FB app), which is probably the most important step.

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