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    I registered a domain with the intent of having it be used as a group blog, but some people aren’t sure how to publish posts to it…? Also, on my account it will send the post to the group blog for approval, but I’m not sure how I can post to my personal blog instead of the group one (or possibly both).

    Is there any way to do this?



    You can give other registered users of access to your blog under the Users tab.



    Er… Well, I know that part already, I’m just not sure how someone can post to a specific blog when they’re a member of more than one.

    For example, if John writes to his own blog, but also a group blog for mattress salesmen, how does he select which blog he’s posting to?



    This is one of the drawbacks of using the regular wordpress. I think what you’re looking for is WordPress MU. Try it out but if you’re looking multiple blogs your best bet is probably Movable Type.



    On the front page of it shows which blogs you’re a member of. He would go to each and to the post screen. Eventually we’ll integrate some sort of blog switcher in the admin bar.



    Hm… I hit the group blog on the main page, but on the dashboard/write post page it still shows up as my individual blog.



    Matt, it would be very helpful to have a method o fswitching between blogs, or even determining what you want your default blog to be incorporated. For example if a user is a part of a multi-user blog and that is the primary blog he/she posts to, it would be nice to have that has the default dashboard rather than their personal user account.


    I just registered for a domain name which is the same name of my wordpress blog. How do I get my wordpress blog attached to my new domain name?



    “which is the same name of my wordpress blog.”

    I assume that is a blog hosted by you or another source.

    If it is, there is no way to have it “attached” to the blog you received upon signup here.



    Associating a domain with an existing blog is on the to-do list, but you’ll probably have to pay for that feature when it materialises.

    In the meantime, you might be able to get the new domain to forward to your blog (your blog wouldn’t actually be located at the new domain, but people entering the URL would be sent to the address). That is a different matter which you’d have to investigate with your domain registrar.

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