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  1. I am writing in portuguese and today I am having problems with all the latin(?) punctuation marks.
    Everytime I refresh the site the text appears sprinkled with black question this a temporary problem (I had not noticed it before...) or do I have to change template, for instance?
    Thank you...

    PS: It only happens with the main page...the other two seem to be OK.

  2. Sounds like a charset thing. Try switching themes, then switching back. If it's still acting up, send a feedback.

  3. Try using UTF-8.

  4. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner...
    The problem seems to have disapeared.
    This was the first time it happened.

    Answer to Matt: I have ISO-8859-15 - could that be the problem?

  5. I thought portuguese had it's own character set?

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