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punctuation in post titles

  1. I didn't realize when I started posting that punctuation marks in titles can cause problems with the permalinks. Now I have a post whose link works sometimes and not others. I changed the title, but of course that doesn't solve the link problem. Is there anything that can be done short of deleting and reposting?

    Here is the troublesome link:

  2. You can edit the title on any blog post. After doing so be sure to likewise edit the "post slug" as well and then click "save" to publish again.

  3. Couple questions about this feature:

    1) Why does the post slug not automatically change when I change the title?

    2) If I change the post slug and someone else had a link to the post will that break the link or is there some other ID it goes by?

  4. Because it's created when the post is first saved, automatically changing it when you edit the title of the post answers your second question that yes, other people linking to the post will kill the link. The post-slug is the URL that is assigned to the post and that's the only ID.

    To answer the OP, as long as you catch it quick enough (after publishing) you can change the post-slug without a problem. Of course, if you're not worried about people that have linked to a post then just change the slug.

    Hope this makes sense, it's late here and I should be in bed!


  5. I appreciate the help. Thanks cornell. Get some sleep.

  6. You can change the post slug though. It is one of the tabs along the right hand side of the Write/ Edit Post page.

    This is a known issue with regular WordPress though. Trac ticket

  7. At a guess, blogs are hosted on UNIX/Linux PC's. They don't like spaces in words with file names, it adds characters to fill the gaps automatically. I believe Windows servers can be set to do this, but it's an option.....with the mighty Linux, it's the law lol.

    There are special characters like $ or £ which in HTML are things like &amp& (I can never remember any offhand but know what they mean when I see them in HTML). It's not really an issue for me because Dreamweaver writes all my code for me which I occasionally need to sift through and tweak by hand.

    I do agree though, with a blog title, it becomes a file name that the software through the browser can access, so it does need to be renamed.....and does not look great with bizarre symbols although it's perfectly functional.

  8. found it! I'm so grateful to have people to turn to ... I'd be lost without you all! ... thanks

  9. Happy blogging! :)

  10. ok, now here's something I really don't understand ... I changed the slug to a standard form ... and the old link now takes me to the new URL

    the old link only worked half the time at best ... now it works every time but it takes me to the new URL

    if the system makes some sort of note to redirect to the new slug, why does the reditect work better than the original slug?

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