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  1. I've bought custom design for another blog that i've created. But i've deleted this blog. Is it possible to move this extension to my new blog? If not, why these kind of purchases stick with a blog instead of a account?

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Where do you want to move the upgrade to?

  3. To my new blog :

  4. Do you think it could be possible to move this purchase to this blog?

    Thank you.

  5. I can't seem to find the Custom Design upgrade under your 'mgervais2012' account. Are you perhaps referring to a different account?

  6. No this is the same account and the blog was

  7. That blog is registered under a different account. You will need to reply from the account associated with that blog in order to request the move.

  8. This is the only account that i have at I remerber that i've change my username, email adress and nickname. So i cannot log into the "other" account and reply with it.

  9. Oh... sorry! I remerber now. That was really another account... Is it now possible to move it? Sincerly, it could be great!

  10. The upgrade has been moved to the resiliencequebec blog and the account owner (mgervais2012)

  11. Oh! Thank you very much Kardotim! Great!

  12. You're welcome :)

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