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Purchase my own domain

  1. Hi Folks!

    I think I am going to purchase my own domain. I has been reading the advantages and I am sure that is the best. However, I still have some doubts about this.

    Firstly, Have I the same restrictions if I purchase my own domain? I mean, presently under I almost can't install any plugins, widgets.... to do something is very difficult due to the wordpress security restrictions.

    On the other hand, I has been working on my blog for a while. I know is still quite early but I wouldn't like to lose my work so my question is, once I purchase the domain, can I move all the contents easyly?

    Thank so much in advance

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you purchase a domain the restrictions are still applied to you. You can not install plugin here on

  3. I don't understand why. If I purchase it I thought I would install the free version of wordpress and I could manage my own space like I would like

    Therefore, what do you advise me if I want to have my own domain and I don't want the restriccion would be applied?

    Thanks again

  4. If you want to avoid any type of restriction you should go to
    Where you can do whatever you want.
    You can transfer current blog to
    Here are more details
    This will be helpful to.

    Also note is not a host. You are self hosted there.

  5. Wow, it seems more difficult each time you look for more information about it.

    What is the exacly definition of self hosted? In spite of reading your info linked I can't get to know the difference between a self hosted and to purchase a web hosting.

    thanks again

  6. I need an hour to explain it.
    In short
    Domain name, no ads(except wordads) , no plugin, no theme install (of your own), CSS customization upgrade, Fonts upgrade.
    Need to install some software and you can do whatever you want including above. That's why you call it self hosted, yet you can use some features of too like free themes. Have you got it now?
    If not then ask a question please.

  7. @tamaraverano It might be helpful to you if you read this:

  8. Ok, I have been checking all your links during this weekend. Now, I understand the differences between .org However, to have my own domain there is something I don't understand yet.

    I think I need for one side purchase my domain. Then, I will have to go to to download the WordPress to install it in my domain but I am not wrong I think I also need a web hosting, don't I?

    I has been seeing some web hosting advised by WordPress, but wich one do you guys advise me?

    Would I need anything else?

    Thank so much in advance

  9. Please go to this page At the top click the links and read what you find there please. Example: Hosting

    My advice to you is this. Many bloggers who have yet to master software imaging they have the skil sets needed to operate and manitain a install. They are brainwashed into believing they need plugins and they will make money if they set up an install. Months later they are money out of pocket, have made diddly squat on advertising, have installed faulty plugins and corrupted their site, and/or have had thei site hacked.

    What exactly do you think that you need plugins for?

  10. What I really want is to be my own name. For now I get everything I want. I mean I have a theme which i like so much and if I have to put something I cannot install I try to find the html code. However, I think it much more serious your own website and mail than any under wherever free place.

    It is just my opinion. What do you guys think about this?

    I perfectly know I am at the begginings but I think if I go looking for this information right now is time I save in the future.

    Thank so much for your suggestions timethief

  11. Finally I did. Now I have my own domain but as you know I was under Now I found with the problem below. How can I move all my stuff to the new domain? I mean obviously with the easiest and best way.

    I imagine I can do it by myself and although there isn't too many contains yet, I'd like to have my new blog exactly as I currently have it. I have found a way in but It is when you was under a version different to the so I really need your help.

    Thank so much in advance

  12. Excuse me

    *contains = contents

  13. Your blog content is still in the same place and the domain name is operational. There is nothing more for you to do. Your visitors see the domain URLs on their side of the blog and you see the subdomain URLs on the dashboard side of the blog - that's normal.

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