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Purchased 10 Credits for Domain, but Credits not showing

  1. I just purchased 10 credits through PayPal for the Domain upgrade. But so far, the credits are not showing up. I have the paypal receipt which confirms the payment went through.

    Just wondered if there is anything that can be done?

  2. I see 10 credits in your account, nothing to worry about!

  3. Same here. How long should it take to get credit?

  4. Best bet would be to submit a feedback and actually have a staff member take a look at teh account. We don't have accounting access here in the forums. The previous poster got lucky that Donncha saw the post.

  5. artugua - I fixed your account, sorry for the delay in getting those credits to you!

  6. scienceofidentityfoundation

    i have the exact same problem. Hopefully donncha can fix my account too!!

  7. I'm having the same problem and it looks like support is closed.

  8. I am also having the same problem.

  9. I just also tried to add credits and, though the paypal transaction (two of them for 10 each, actually) where successful, the credits are not showing up in my account. Please help.



  10. This is a paypal problem.
    Leave problems in this thread - and a link to your blogs would be extremely useful - and I'll see what I can do.

  11. blog in question is

  12. I have the same problem. blog is

  13. I also have the same problem. My blog is:

  14. As support is not open on weekends with the exception of dealing with urgent matters if staff do not see these posts then you will have to send in feedbacks to staff on Monday.

  15. scienceofidentityfoundation

    I have this problem. My blog is

    I have paid twice now in the hope that the 2nd payment would register. But no luck. I only need 10 credits

  16. TT, missing money is an urgent matter.

    As stated up above, you need to contact staff directly. Since feedback is off on the weakend, please send in an email to support at this domain with details about the transaction. (ie blog URL in question, Paypal tranaction number, etc.)

    Can't believe SOI did it twice...

  17. Apologies for the problems caused. I updated scienceofidentityfoundation psglabs mithro allennieman glenc psoemontefrio

    If anyone else has problems don't hesitate to add to this forum.

  18. scienceofidentityfoundation - I refunded your second payment.

  19. I join in here, too:

  20. thank you donncha.

  21. defendforestpark

    Same problem... Any help is appreciated!

  22. same here:

  23. same here!

    just tried to buy the domain and nothing showing up

    thank you

  24. Hi,
    my 10 credits for are not showing up either.


  25. I am having the exact same problem. Purchased 10 credits to map a domain, but nothing so far.

    My blog is

  26. if it helps knowing how badass the domain im tryin to get it mapped to is:

  27. I'm having the same problem. I added credits twice but no luck and support is closed :(

  28. *sigh* Adam, if you read this thread, it would tell you what to do.

  29. do you mean, "just sit around until someone fixes it" ?

  30. Yes. If you scroll up you'll see that many of them have already been fixed.

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