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Purchased 10 Credits for Domain, but Credits not showing

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    Support is currently closed.

    Please feel free to browse the FAQ.

    Normal support hours are Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM Pacific Time

    Maybe there should be 24hr support for this particular issue especially since it involves revenue and your inability to provide services already paid for. Why not limit purchases to the window between 9am -5pm when you could provide support. Oh yeah, that would suck cause YOU'd have to wait for revenue from 5:01pm to 8:59am. This way you can get collect money 100% of the time and provide service for only a 1/3 of it. Nice business plan.

    Getting a little irked. Can you tell? Only directed to those who can make a difference. (If you can't don't say anything to me unless it's nice, ego-gratifying things). Pappa's got a brand new blog and it located at :-) :-(

  2. So you know, WordPress is a multinational company; just because it says you can't contact support between those hours doesn't mean that staff aren't aware or working on problems which are being raised in the forums.

    Mark is in Europe and subscribes to the forum RSS feeds, so he's actually ahead of most of the other staff and he does monitor these threads. And WP's turnaround time with support is much shorter than any other blog host. So by posting here hopefully you'll get his attention and get this sorted out. Best of luck. :-)

  3. Credits Transferred. Thank you. Thank you cjwriter for you thoughtful thoughts. :-).

  4. georginaemselle

    I just purchased 15 credits, they're not showing up.
    blog url is

  5. I just purchased $15 in credits and they are not showing up. Please help.
    blog url is
    Thank you

  6. I had some credits not show up for whatever reason through paypal for about 5 hours the other day. If they are not there by morning when support opens, send in a support request through the "support" tab in these forums!


  7. having the same problem

  8. @kjcramer
    As you will note from reading the posts above there is a time delay after the paypal transaction takes place and before staff verify that the credits are in your account. If you have waited for a reasonable time frame for this to take place then, you can send all your details, including your receipt to staff between 9-5PM weekdays using this link

  9. @kjcramer
    Contact support and include your blog URL, your username, and paste in the paypal receipt for them. (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Pacific time) or using the "support" button in the upper right of your dashboard.

  10. {waving to tt - harmony again}

  11. Just purchased 15 credits to register a domain and the credits are not showing up.
    Could someone please correct?

    Blog URL:

    Paypal Trans ID #: 1WD46888CH238431L

    Business Name: Automattic Inc. (The recipient of this payment is Verified)
    Email: [email redacted]

    Total Amount: -$15.00 USD

    Item Amount: $15.00 USD
    Shipping: $0.00 USD
    Handling: $0.00 USD
    Quantity: 1
    Item Title: Credits
    uid: 2560343
    bid: 2484796
    Item Number: wpcom_credits
    Date: Jan. 9, 2008
    Time: 13:27:07 PST
    Status: Completed
    Shipping Address: No Address Provided

  12. There is usually a time delay before the credits show up. Be patient.

    If they haven't been credited to your account by then, you can send in a note to Support when they reopen next week. But my guess is you'll have the credit by tomorrow.

  13. Just purchased 15 credits to register a domain and the credits are not showing up.


    Thanks for the help.

  14. Heleon, did you read any of the other responses in this thread before posting? They all say the same thing: there is a time delay before the credits show up. Be patient, and if that doesn't work, send an email to staff.

  15. heleon: can you email the paypal transaction details to support at please.

    kristakevin: all you need to do is go to the Upgrades/Domains tab of your blog and click the "Put blog here" link to make your new domain the primary url for your blog.

    As far as I can tell the earlier issues in this thread have all been sorted.

  16. Just purchased 20 credits and it didnt show up, please resolve this ASAP



  17. BTW - emailed support with the info. thx

  18. drhaddow: your credits were applied to a space upgrade. Check the Upgrades tab to confirm, and let us know if that's incorrect.

  19. Same repens to me!

    I Used to have a old wordpress blog published im my domain:

    Now i;m tryng o set a new blog for this domain but i can't get it right.
    I Bought some updates just for the credits for adding a domain, but it was never shown while i try over and over to set my domain. I try find my DNS tools to folow you steps, but i Was unable to find it.

    So long, I still haven't find a way to deal with this problem. I've sent a menssaage to te Support wich send me direct to here with no further info.

  20. Hey, I just tried to purchase the credits to get a domain set up as well, and they have not gone through, my blog is:

    please fix me! thank you! ^_^

  21. It happens to me too:
    Maybe it will solve itself...

  22. Can someone help me?
    Credits donĀ“t come on my account!

  23. I'm having the same issue.


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  25. Support's hours are from 8am-4pm Pacific time, so give them a chance, they've only been open for short while as I write this. If the payments and your credits haven't show up in an couple hours, you can contact support with the full transaction details. Also note that staff do monitor these forums so they very well may see this thread and respond here as they get your payments applied.

  26. urbanbirdwatchers

    Hi. I've just paid for 10 to register a domain and the credits are not showing up.
    blog is

  27. urbanbirdwatchers: the credits are in your account.

  28. I purchased 10 credits for the Domain upgrade and received confirmation payment has gone through a couple days ago. The credit still does not show up in my account so I am not able to use my own domain name yet. Please resolve this.

  29. hjnelson: the credits are already listed in your account. Please contact support if you need help, unless you want to discuss it in public.

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