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purchased an upgrade bundle, where is it?Why can't I access the items?

  1. I purchased this bundle two days ago, I cannot see the upgrade items anywhere,
    word-press still wants to charge me to put in my domain name,there is no domain credit.
    where is video press? there are no instructions, no info, nothing! I contacted support two days ago, nothing!
    I bought this because I need to use it! ASAP! it shows up in my upgrades but thats it! I have been charged but thats it!

    Your Upgrade was purchased successfully.

    Item: WordPress Value Bundle for
    Cost: $99


    TOTAL: 99.00
    Purchased By: rachel harris

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The bundle is live and functioning on but there was a problem adding the domain.

    Please try again from Store -> Domains in your blog's Dashboard. It shouldn't charge you.

  3. well it did and why is it for 11 months and march 1st??? why are my emailed support questions not being answered? I do not want to pay for the 3 days of this bundle that are not working! also as I asked......... where is video press? instructions? anything?
    this is getting really frustrating! I needed this website set up two days ago and still can't do anything!!! its very important!

    Domain Mapped to
    Learn More | Domain Settings

    Status: Active

    This upgrade will be renewed automatically in 11 months on March 1, 2013

    Update Credit Card | Disable Auto Renew | Cancel

    USD per year
    $0.03 per day

  4. well it did and why is it for 11 months and march 1st???

    When set to auto-renew, domain subscriptions (or bundles including domains) are renewed a month early, as a simple failed transaction could result in interruption to your site if we waited until the expiration date.

    why are my emailed support questions not being answered?

    We are answering all email support requests from oldest to newest and will reply to you as soon as we can.

    I do not want to pay for the 3 days of this bundle that are not working!

    I have adjusted your expiration date to March 31.

    where is video press? instructions? anything? this is getting really frustrating!

    You can find out about VideoPress at and other features at

  5. okay i think the point was totally missed, that it DID CHARGE ME AGAIN ON TOP OF THE BUNDLE!

    I STILL CANNOT ADD THE DOMAIN PAID FOR IN MY UPGRADE! what I was trying to show you above is the new charge it DID add when I went to map the domain again, after you said it shouldn't charge me. that above was the charge info on my upgrades page.......

    Please can someone help me fix this! This is really, really important and way over due and I'm not getting anywhere. IT IS NOT WORKING! I Can't add my domain and feel very unsure if I have been given the other features too. plus with the time difference being in australia every not working answer takes even longer and longer to get anywhere.

    I don't want to use the domain name I get in the bundle, I already have one, But I haven't tried to access that anyway, I just want to put in my domain name with my paid upgrade and use my website with video press I paid for!

    Please just tell me exactly how I can add my domain now using the upgrade domain mapping, not any other domain mapping!

  6. was added to your account via the bundle, you just need to set it as your primary domain via Store -> Domains in your blog's Dashboard.

    As for the $12, I only see one $99 charge on your account. Did you receive a receipt for this supposed $12 charge? The text you're quoting is just from the store's main page.

  7. URG! Okay now its there, but this is very new, I could not do this till just now.
    the $12.00 I cancelled after it showed up as of course I don't want to pay an extra $12.00. the text I am quoting is actually from my upgrades page.

    I just went to my upgrades page and there is now a new $ 12.00 charge, I don't even know where that came from. I will leave it for now so you can have a look but this needs to be removed. I think it may be charging me from selecting my domain.

    why does my value bundle upgrade in 12 months but the other 11?
    (not that the other should even be there)

    this is getting a bit ridiculous now............

  8. Yes, it looks like your initial bundle transaction was quite a bit more messed up than I had thought, sorry about that.

    I have canceled and refunded everything. Please try purchasing it again when you're ready. It should work properly this time.

  9. C'mon How about a little discount for all the trouble?
    This website needed to be up 5 days ago, and couldn't happen, with a lot of frustration in between due to word press problems.

  10. I'm sorry, I cannot provide any form of discount at this time.

  11. and why may I ask is that?
    I was put out for days, with no real answers!
    putting my urgent timeline way way overdue!

  12. I answered you 6 minutes after you original request. I'm sorry that it took us a bit to get to a solution, but a discount cannot be offered.

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