Purchased CSS upgrade but can’t edit CSS

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    I am new to WordPress, so bear with me. I ran into a small error with my blog and had to permanently delete it. However, I had just purchased the CSS editor upgrade ($15) and now with my new blog, I can’t edit CSS unless I pay another $15! Am I missing something? Shouldn’t the CSS upgrade be under your account or something, not tied to a specific blog??



    the CSS upgrade is tied to your blog. You probably didn’t really need to delete your first blog, but what’s done is done. You can appeal to staff for a refund, but don’t hold your breath (they state that they will not give refunds).



    You could try asking staff to apply your purchased credits to your new blog.


    I’ll contact them. Thanks for the feedback.



    Hi Wedgewoodnorth –

    I just did the exact same thing and deleted my original blog (cos I decided to change the name of mine). It was barely an hour or 2 old, and I registered the correctly named blog before deleting the erroneous one, but no CSS editing. Did you have any luck getting your upgrade for your new blog?



    In 1/2 hour support will be open and you can provide your details to staff http://wordpress.com/contact-support/

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