Purchased domain mapping, no longer have dashboard

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    I purchased the domain mapping, and now when I view my page at http://www.mnscout.com my dashbar/blue bar disappears from the top of the page. Also leaving replies/comments on my own blog nolonger works like it used to. It doesn’t detect that its the owner of the blog. My comments are just displayed like a normal comment. I think it also began counting my views of the blog in the blogstats.



    Are you signed in when this happens? Sounds like you need to send staff a flag, using the Support button on your dashboard.



    Yeah, I’m signed in through wordpress.com. When I click “view site” the blue bar disappears. Now on this page, the blue bars stays up there like it should. The not being able to reply and have it distinguish me is the biggest problem.



    When I’m using IE, I switched my domain back to not changing it – back to just mnscout.wordpress.com and the dashbar stays at the top again. Things work. Switch back, nope.

    Doing more checking it — It works right in Firefox. Any idea what’s wrong with IE? Looks like IE isn’t remembering that I’m logged in.


    IE has a lot of problems, but this is the first time I’ve heard of this one. My suggestion would be that since you have FireFox, then use that instead of IE, but perhaps someone else will have an idea.



    I am having exactly the same problem but it hasnt been like this forever. I have had a mapped domain for one year now and only recently (last 3 months or so) its become a problem.
    ** Domain mapping: http://OffTheHoox.com to http://hoox.wordpress.com
    I thought got around it by directing my browser to hoox.wordpress.com again and then it would load properly with the dash menu bar at the top only to discover it was because it wasnt mapping anymore since my subscription has expired. I renewed it and now there is no way to bypass. All pages that show *.wordpress.com/*/ are ok such as http://hoox.wordpress.com/wp-admin/ because that doesnt resolve to OffTheHoox.com.

    The problem is not network, PC, or browser specific.

    I have used IE and Firefox and MAC Safari, multiple PCs on my network here (no firewall blocks) and have even tried alternate PCs in other countries using remote desktop on VPN.

    I even tried messing with cookies. Deleted cache including cookies. Insisted cookies had to prompt and then force accepted.

    All I can assume is that the problem is not client related.

    The really crazy thing now is I have just gone to http://mnscout.com/ and it loads perfectly and I can see my menu bar with dashboard shortcuts.

    I would LOVE some feedback if anyone has any idea. Please can someone mail (email redacted)

    Thank you




    Well if somebody did something to fix this then THANK YOU. The day after writing this the problem went away and is still working fine. I did nothing new so it certainly wasnt something that I fixed. After 2 months of problems with this I dont like to declare coincidence although I guess there is a slim chance that it is. Either way I am very pleased that I am back to normal in my tiny blogging world.

    Thank you…

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