Purchased domain on WordPress.com by accident

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    Hi WordPress team,

    I did not know the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org because I had a blog on wordpress.org.

    1) I purchased two domain names recently i) thelaunchfeed.com & ii) angelinafomina.com

    2) I thought this is the platform on which I can set up advertising and purchased themes but it is not.

    3) I cannot wait 60 days and need to get the blog up and running soon. :)

    4) I have no content on the “thelaunchfeed.com” blog and do not need to be assisted by a WordPress engineer

    5) I tried to delete the domain so I can re-purchase it on GoDaddy and set it up on WordPress (like I should have done in the first place) but I cannot do that.

    My goal: to use wordpress.org with the domain name “thelaunchfeed” instead of wordpress.com

    Is it possible to advise me how to stop using wordpress.com and start using wordpress.org with the domain name I purchased (I will also be purchasing Dreamhost as my host).

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Blog url: http://thelaunchfeed.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is thelaunchfeed.com.



    You can keep the registration here but change where the name servers point to – then after 60 days you can transfer the domain registration if you want – but the instructions below will let you get your site up today (give or take propagation to the far corners of the internet)




    Thank you!

    I am thinking maybe it is easier to delete the domain permanently and purchase another one on wordpress.org (especially if I have another name in mind).




    If you like the domain name DON’T DELETE IT – it can take up to 60 days for a canceled domain name to revert to the wild and then there is the chance that someone else will grab the domain name and use it or hold it for hostage –

    If you don’t like a domain name you can cancel it – you have a 48 hour window to do so – on the good side – the domain registration here is about as low cost as you can get ($ 6.– / year I think if you don’t use the privacy option) as long as you don’t map the domain to a blog here – so letting a domain name site does not cost you much – CAUTION – if you decide to keep a domain name just in case but not use it – please disable the auto-renew so it does not renew next year



    Thanks so much for the advice. You are completely right!

    I followed your advice and just disabled the auto-renew on one of the blogs and will wait for 60 days for the other blog to transfer it (the second is not urgent.)

    Actually this is a good thing because I came up with a better name for the blog! I guess everything happens for a reason.



    You be welcome & good luck

    Picking a good domain name can be tough – the domain linked to my name I got when the original owner did not renew it – a friend went through I think 4 names before settling on the name they went with – yes there were three cancellations at about the 36 hour point –

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