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Purchased the domain but site still only works with

  1. I purchased a domain with, I wanted to start my WordPress site with it so I purchased the WordPress domain also. has let my domain go but I still cannot get it to show up on WordPress without the extension. What should I do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is this the URL of the domain in question? When I click it I'm on the home pages viewing my Blogs I follow list and that's an issue for sure. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  3. Be more specific. Do you currently own the domain? If so, what is it? Did you buy it from Have you also bought the domain MAPPING upgrade, which attaches your domain to your blog here?

  4. I do own the domain. purchased on GoDaddy. The domain is I purchased an account with wordpress thinking it was seamlessly going to pull in the domain I already own. Now when I got to i'm taken to the wordpress log in page. But when i go to it goes to the site i've set up on wordpress. should i purchase the mapping upgrade to solve this issue? I want to go to the wordpress site i've been working on.

  5. Your nameservers for the domain are pointed both to us and elsewhere.

    Per the guide at they need to be only:


  6. Ok I've switched the nameservers to the above ones. It's still not coming up when i type in But instead of going to a log in page, it goes to

    Is there where the $13.00 mapping fee comes in? I want the url to say

  7. Is there where the $13.00 mapping fee comes in? I want the url to say does not provide a free domain mapping service. They offer a paid and annually renewable domain mapping upgrade. To map an existing domain (one you already own) to your blog, follow these instructions

  8. It's working for me now!

  9. @mhgoforit
    This post will be useful > Introduction ot the Structure Theme

  10. It's working! thanks so much everybody for your help!! One more question. Every time I go to it on a Chrome I'm brought to a redirect loop page that says the site has "resulted in too many redirects." Clearing the cache clears the issue right up and i'm able to access it in Chrome. I'm just worried about other people visiting the site and running into the same message. Is there something on my end that I can do to "minimize the redirects" I guess?

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