Purchased video upgrade. Cant get it to upload anything

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    just purchased a video upgrade but cannot get the video uploaded to wordpress. it is on a professional site SHOWIT and works perfectly within preview of my programme but nothing happens within wordpress after i have copied the embed link on to the page. Please help – this is urgent. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is paulageorge.wordpress.com.



    You don’t need a video upgrade to simply embed video from another site; what you DO need is to embed video only from a site that has been whitelisted by WP.com or to convert the code into the Gigya shortcode.

    What exact code are you trying to embed? Paste the code here between Code tags or backticks, so it displays correctly and we can analyze it.



    Actually – its more like a slideshow with music. I have put it together using SHOWIT which is a professional programme for pictures to music and it says the “folder” containing the show should be uploaded to the host site? How do I do that?
    <div><iframe style=”border: medium none ; background-color:000000;” src=”http://www.paulageorge,wordpress.com/client-viewing/iframe.html” title=”Showit Web Slideshow” frameborder=”0″ height=”590″ width=”610″ scrolling=”no”></iframe></div>

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