Purchased Wrong Credits — CSS instead of Domain

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    I am trying to create a new domain for my blog to be redirected to, and it said I needed to purchase 10 credits. I couldn’t find any specified ‘domain credits’ and figured that purchasing the 15 credits (under the name CSS credits) would work! Well come to find out, it doesn’t work! After a half hour of searching I found out that there is a specified domain credits and I purchased the CSS credits for nothing!!! What I had to do is do the DNS changing first and THEN the ‘Purchase Domain Credits’ would appear.

    My question is, is there any way that I can have those credits transferred over to the intended place that I needed them since they are the same price anyways? I have no need for custom CSS for $15 a year, when I am trying to do the custom domain name for the $15 a year.

    If so, could I also have a receipt or some sort of evidence of the change?

    THANK YOU! :)



    No problem – send a Support in and tell me the email address you used and I’ll get that sorted out.



    Well, the people in the forum can’t do anything about that. You’ll have to contact support and ask them to do it. Don’t forget to mention all the information they ask for and explain your problem clearly and in detail.


    After doing this, you just have to wait for their reply. Hopefully your problem will be fixed.



    Ignore what ever I said and do whatever mark said in the first comment.


    Mark, I sent the support email as of 3 minutes ago. I look forward to your reply, thanks for helping me out!

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