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    I’ve been able to find ways to purchase credits for other things than mapping over a domain name that I already own. I’ve already looked through all the answers to similar questions and not a single one has actually provided an answer that works.

    My problem:

    I enter my domain name into the box on the Domains page under Upgrades. It tells me to purchase 9.97 credits and try again. But there is no link to a PayPal button or anything of the sort. Where do I go to purchase these credits? And in advance… No. The prompts do not provide a link anywhere. So I need to know where to go from here.

    The blog I need help with is dailywrocket.wordpress.com.


    Have you changed the nameservers for the domain name that you own so they point at wordpress.COM?



    I’ve tried to, but am uncertain if I’m doing it right. I purchased the domain name through GoDaddy.com


    What is the domain name?



    After some crafty google searching, I have found out how to set my name servers. For future people reading this who purchased their domain name through GoDaddy.com, click your domain name so it is checked, hit the nameservers button and choose the option for hosting with another provider. This will give you boxes to fill in the nameservers provided by wordpress:


    Only after you input these and give it a couple minutes to accept the changes will it give you the option to purchase the credits.

    @thesacredpath Thanks for your assistance! I went through the rest of it and everything worked out. :)


    Glad you got it sorted. With nameserver changes, it can take 24 hours or so for it to settle down and stabilize, so you may have a day when you blog will not show up with the new domain name. It takes a while for the nameserver changes to work their way though the internet nameserver system.

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