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Purchasing a Domain?

  1. If I wanted to purchase a domain for my blog, I know that it would become However what I want to know is that if I purchase my own domain would I be able to purchase and use my own custom header with wordpress, or would I have to move my blog to a completly different self hosted website? I am not very good with computers or technology! Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Those are totally different issues. If you want a custom header, just choose a theme that offers that. It's free. Getting a domain name won't make any difference to that.

    You can search through themes for Customizable Headers easily.

  3. I was told by someone that in order to use a custom header i had to purchase my own domain name. Where can I find customizable headers?

  4. That information is completely incorrect.

    Go to your Themes page and just filter the searches for Customizable headers.

  5. Good grief! Who is spreading that misinformation? Please go back to them and tell them they are 100% wrong.

    For best results you make your own custom header image offline and optimize and resize it so it's the exact measurements your theme requires. Then you upload it into your blog. Pressrow - 770 pixels x 200 pixels

    These are all the themes that have custom headers and the sizes

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