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    Ok So I have been blogging on here for a while but have recently become interested in having my own website with my blogs incorporated. I write two blogs one for travel and one for fashion but I would also like a page so that I can feature my handmade goods and sell them (So I would need a paypal option incorporated). I guess what I need to know is, do you think this is something I could do with a domain and upgraded wordpress account or is this better left to build from scratch by a pro? Any info would be great as I am very novice at all of this.

    The blog I need help with is specinthecity.wordpress.com.



    I don’t think you need a pro to do this: you just need an independent WordPress install, perhaps with a bit of tweaking from a pro. WordPressMU supports multiple blogs, and you can make the front page look like a static website if you want.

    Paypal ecommerce features can’t be incorporated on a WP.com blog, just the donate button, so I think you’d be better off outside of WP.com for at least that part; you could always keep the blogs here and just link to them from the website as if they were part of the site.

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