Purchasing site mapping vs. site redirect

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    I just purchased a new domain name (through GoDaddy) for my WordPress blog. I’d like to keep using WordPress to manage my content, but obviously I’d like this content to show up on my new .com domain name, and I’d like for my old wordpress.com URL to redirect to my new .com URL when people type it in. I’m just confused as to whether I need a site redirect or site mapping or both? They both sound exactly the same to me based on the descriptions in the WordPress store, and searches in the forum up to this point have just confused me even more!
    Thanks so much for your help,

    The blog I need help with is yearonawhim.wordpress.com.


    I’m in the same boat!



    You want Domain Mapping


    That will change the URL your visitors see when they visit your site from yearonawhim.wordpress.com. to yearonawhim.com. or whatever your custom domain name is

    Site redirect is when you just dump visitors to a different URL and is typically used when you leave WordPress.COM or otherwise change a domain name and want visitors to be directed to your new site / Address



    Thanks for your help, auxclass. I purchased the mapping and set my new .com URL as my primary URL. Now the URL I’ve purchased works fine, but when I type in my old wordpress.com URL it says the page isn’t available. Do I need to purchase site redirect as well so that the followers I already have will be redirected to my new .com URL when they type in my old WordPress URL?



    Keep calm – your site loads fine for me – either to your mapped domain name or your WordPress.COM blog – you just mapped the domain name – it can take 24 to 72 hours for changes to reach the far corners of the internet, changes usually start in a few hours, but due to caching issues you will probably be the last one to see the changes.

    Don’t buy any site redirect

    Patience Grasshopper

    Domain helper says that you have everything set right –



    Everything’s working now! Thanks so much for your help, auxclass!



    You be welcome & good luck

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