Purchasing the "Organization" theme for trial web site and transferring it

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    I have a web site called http://icseldogum.com/ . It is a pure html web site. I want to rebuild it with WordPress system.

    I decided to use “Organization” theme, which is not free.

    I want to keep http://icseldogum.com/ as it is now, until I finished my work with the “Organization” theme. I will work on a dummy web site called http://icseldogum.esy.es/, which is supported by WordPress.
    Here are my concerns:

    1) Is it possible transfer all the theme and files from dummy website to the real web site?

    2)Should I pay again for the theme to be able to transfer the theme?

    3)My hosts support WP 3.8.1. Is the “Organization” theme ok for WP 3.8.1. ?

    Best Regards
    Zuhal Ye┼čim Dursun
    (email redacted)

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