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Purchasing the "Pro Bundle"...?

  1. Okay, so I see that the Pro Bundle package is $99. However, if I have already paid for upgrades such as domain mapping, will the Pro Bundle upgrade still be $99? (Or is the price pro-rated due to the fact that I would be buying domain mapping again with the Pro Bundle?)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The bundle option is not available if you already have a domain upgrade, but we can manually make some pro-rating adjustments if you need it. Please let me know if you'd like to pursue that option and we'll continue this discussion by email.

  3. Thanks! I will email you directly for more information.

  4. normand99 - I'll send you an email from our end now.

  5. Hi kathrynwp,

    It appears I have the same problem. A few years back I had the domain upgrade done. Not sure what domain it was at that time. This time I am trying to get the Pro Bundle for the domain I understand that the price of the upgrade is $99, and I am ready to pay.

    Thanks in advance for the help.


  6. bsherman - does not appear to be a site. If you have a site could you please paste the address ending with here.

  7. kathrynwp,

    Sorry for the confusion. I used to have a domain with years back. Now I don't even remember the name of that domain. I thought it was a part of the problem. is not a site yet. I am trying to bring it into I am trying to buy the bundle. When I click on "Get the Bundle" button, nothing happens. Please, advise.

  8. bsherman - could you please start a new thread for your issue so I can help you better? Thanks.

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