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Pure Love

  1. How do you define pure love. Could anyone tell me that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please anyone...... reply ......

  3. You gave people one whole minute before you reposted.

    That's 60 seconds.

    If that reflects your rush to find love I would suggest you'll miss every time.

  4. Don't worry, most people grow out of it.

  5. Love is the core message God is sending me at the moment. Pure love is unconditional love. Pure love is unfailing love. Pure love is the kind of love God has for us, his creations. The love of Christ is pure love. I am still trying to work out how this site works. Right now I am having trouble putting my blog and posts into categories. Check my posts about love, I trust it will help you. xolis

  6. The FAQ might help YOU more.

  7. (And why wasn't this thread moved to Off Topic?)

  8. @panaghiotisadam

    Moving the thread to off topic right now!

  9. Why do birds suddenly appear

    every time

    you are near?

  10. As a general rule Kstafford, one usually has to pay double for that kind of action.

  11. fabulousatfifty

    Just like me they wanna be close to you lol...

  12. Love is never pure... but it's fun to dream.

  13. I want to know how much he'll pay for the answer before I provide one.

  14. Only when the price is right I'll provide mine, of course, after Rain's.

  15. accepting the faults of another

  16. I thought paying for love was illegal in most juristictions?

  17. darkdaughter11

    love is when you can look into theperson you love's eyes, and see there soul. if you can sacrifice everything you have to be with a person, and you can feel an almost pain in your heart, from caring about them, and you are not whole, unless they are there, that is what pure love is.

  18. Voice my heart. I agree with you completely but be careful, religous statements can start needless arguments that would actually do more harm then good.

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