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    1. The PUSH feature in the READER is so annoying…!
    It’s rarely smooth; it tends to make the browser hang at some point; reloading it and you lose your position and have to scroll through everything once more while if you had page navigation you’d know what page you were on. In addition, the reader’s republish button/feature often does not work.
    Can there not be an option for page navigation or push, rather than make push the only default?

    2. <div> headaches.
    I seem to spend more time cleaning up div’s when quoting articles or reposting articles, than writing them. It would be a great feature to add a div-remove button to the publish menu.

    3. At least ONE color and FONT change option.
    There could be a little more flexibility on a color change and at least one font change for some of the themes without having to purchase the whole theme. Our blog is non-commercial. People complain endlessly about the pale grey in the font but we cannot change it unless we purchase the theme and host it…
    and some themes have the right layout for our content – but the font is so bad no one can read it…

    The blog I need help with is womensquota.wordpress.com.



    Re: The PUSH feature in the READER is so annoying…!

    I don’t have any such issues using FF22, Chrome 27 or even IE8. It sounds like you have a browser issue to sort out.

    If you are not running one of the browsers and versions listed at http://browsehappy.com/ please try upgrading or switching first.

    If you are, please do these:
    (1) Try clearing your browser’s cache http://www.google.com/support/accounts/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=32050
    Note: If you are using an IE9 browser in compatibility mode that makes it render as IE7 and IE7 is not supported. To disable see > http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/1196-internet-explorer-compatibility-view-turn-off.html

    (2) Make sure that you have third-party cookies enabled and JavaScript enabled



    (3) Try with all browser extensions or add-ons temporarily disabled.

    (4) Try enabling HTTPS: http://en.support.wordpress.com/https/

    If you are not successful let us know exactly which browser (and version of it) you’re using by checking here if necessary http://www.whatbrowser.org/ and also post any error reports you get.



    2. <div> headaches.

    Copy and pasting cause such issues if you don’t know what your are about.

    Sidebars and widgets in them do not fall to the bottom and display below posts and/or posts do not appear in sidebars, all fonts do not change to italics or bold, there aren’t unclosed <div> tags unless

    (1) content has been imported into the blog

    (2) the blogger has been copying and pasting content from elsewhere, without using either icon 5 or icon 6 in Row 2 of the visual editor http://en.support.wordpress.com/visual-editor/#pasting-text

    (3) or the blogger has copied and pasted invalid HTML into a text widget or left an HTML tag open

    The result of copy and pasting for example from Microsoft Word into the Tiny MCE editor in WordPress blogs can be unexpected, and contain a lot of formatting code that’s not compliant unless you know how to use the built-in features in the Visual editor for using Word cleanly. http://en.support.wordpress.com/visual-editor/#pasting-text

    Note you need to click the kitchen sink icon #15 at the end of Row 1 to have Row 2 appear. http://en.support.wordpress.com/visual-editor/#row-1

    Go here and enable this > Settings > Writing
    _ WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically
    “save changes”

    See here for sorting this out > http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/sidebar-at-the-bottom-and-related-issues/



    3. At least ONE color and FONT change option. … pale gray font … but the font is so bad no one can read it…

    Oh really? I’m visually challenged and have zero difficulty with the readability of the font color on Chateau. It meets and exceeds accessibility standards so if you are referring to fully sighted readers then it just doesn’t meet their preference and you can change it.

    Our blog is non-commercial.

    Most of the 36 million here are.

    it unless we purchase the theme and host it…

    Some themes do have color customizable options. Most don’t but in all cases you can purchase a custom design upgrade and do the required CSS editing to make it suit you and your readers.

    These are 3 ways to change fonts on wordpress.com blogs.
    (1) Changing font families, colors and size in text in posts or pages either post by post or page by page by coding into the HTML editor.

    (2) Changing font colors in text in posts or pages either post by post or page by page using the #4 icon (Select text color – change the text color) in Row 2 the Visual editor. http://en.support.wordpress.com/visual-editor/#row-2

    (3) Changing all font families, colors and sizes throughout the whole blog by purchasing an annually renewable Custom Design upgrade and using Typekit Fonts with Staff support. http://en.support.wordpress.com/custom-design/#custom-fonts



    Can there not be an option for page navigation or push, rather than make push the only default?



    Thank you for your reply.

    The questions was for someone who may be interested in the WP feedback we get from our 1 mil readers to improve wordpress. It probably hold no interest to someone who merely wants to counter-argue.

    Since your reply suggest each proposal is just plain wrong, I could offer to clarify:

    1. I wasn’t referring to Chateau. We have ten blogs…
    More themes seem to get published with difficult to read text color and fonts. Others may be easier to read, but don’t have a layout suitable for our specific set-up. It could be easy to solve by merely allowing some minor customization.

    Your own site: http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com is a perfect example of a very difficult to read font. Readers may not want to take the time to search for ways to increase the font size etc so this suggestion is not the best solution.

    2. The push feature in reader unfortunately seem common, and has been problematic on different computers, different browsers, phones as well as tablets. So the proposed solution is not a complete solution.

    3. The advice on div is not a solution either.
    We do know how to copy and paste into text….

    To include images and charts to the articles, a quick copy and paste would be preferred than uploading each image, using up the file space, etc. We’re trying to make the process quicker. Adding a remove div button would make it much faster.



    I’m sorry that I assumed you were looking for support here on the peer support forums. I understand now you wanted to communicate with Staff and I have tagged this thread for Staff. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    Note this please re: font colors and sizes

    For black on white, simple, and medium or large font size, check Book Lite, DePo Square, Publish, Twenty Eleven, Untitled. Also Skylark – the out of the box version, not the one of the demo.
    For extremely large font size, check Ryu.
    from: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/hyperlink-colour?replies=22#post-1337090



    Hi administration01,

    Thanks for your suggestions. For the new features you mentioned, I recommend you post your ideas in the ideas forum, where you can discuss your suggestions with the WordPress.com community: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/forum/ideas

    1. The PUSH feature in the READER is so annoying…!

    Can you let me know the browsers and operating systems where you are having issues with the Reader? It would also help to know the exact steps taken before the problem popped up. With more information about the exact setup and problems you are having, I’d be happy to investigate!

    3. At least ONE color and FONT change option.

    You can make changes to the font family, size, and color used in your posts and pages (even without the Custom Design upgrade) using the tips on this page:

    Font Size and Color

    If you have concerns about the fonts on a specific theme, can you provide a link to the blog where you are using this theme? We’d be happy to take a look.

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