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    I am trying to center 3 pictures in a page. I am unable to put the center picture at the same distance from the left and the right picture for all three views (computer, tablet and smartphone).

    Does anybody have a good code or trick to do this?

    Theme: SELA (in case it matters)
    Blog: https://cosmodoggyland.com

    Thank you!


    The blog I need help with is cosmodoggyland.com.


    Hi Paula,

    Based on your existing HTML, I suggest the following:

    • float all six of your divs left
    • remove the existing padding
    • keep the 30% width for all six of your divs
    • set a padding-right of 5% on the first two divs in each row

    By setting the padding-right to 5%, you will be using 10% of the horizontal width for padding, and the other 90% will be taken up by the three divs that have a width of 30%. (The last div in each row does not need right padding because it will be at the end of the row.)

    If you have trouble implementing that, just let me know.

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