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put a background image in cutline?

  1. helloes,

    i love the cutline template. i want to know if i can add a background image to the whitespace while keeping the post body and sidebars white? kthx.

  2. I gather this is you? ->

    try this:

    body {
    background-image:url(The full URL of your image)
  3. brillaint! you guys are so fast - thankyou! also, as you can see, i seem to have somehow made everything black and can't get it to go back. take pity, i am from blogger.

  4. Not a problem. :)

  5. so is this a completely cusomtizable stylesheet - can i change column width and the size of the header? i've tried to add a background image but nothing is there? what am i doing wrong?

  6. ok wait - image is there. sorry!

    can i get the white behind the post body back?

  7. I gather you have the CSS upgrade, right?

    You can pretty much edit anything in the CSS except for the names used within the theme files. For example you can't change the name of the div for the footer.

    i don't see where you've added in the background image:

  8. sorry - i'm just resizing it - it showed up fine. can i get white space back behind hte body text, or is it going to be over the image now?

    yep, got the upgrade. very new to CSS - should probably do more research before posting all these queries here, oui? thanks!

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