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    Hi, when I originally began my blog in the Twenty Eleven theme, I requested it done in one column, not fully understanding the tags, and other reasons for a sidebar. The blog is set-up as a website. I now need to have the second column visible. How do I do this?

    The blog I need help with is thewomenstable.org.



    From your dashboard, go to Appearances -> Theme Options. There should be an option under Default Layout to have a sidebar.


    Thanks for responding, but, when I go to appearances my option is themes. This brings me to the theme page. I don’t see where there is a theme option.



    If you hover over the Appearances link, a sub-menu should pop up. The first item in the sub-menu is Themes, but lower down you should see the Theme Options link. (If you click on Appearances rather than hover, it will take you first to the Themes page. If you look at your dashboard menu while on the Themes page, you should see the other sub-menu items under Appearances.)


    No, I tried that and the theme options link does not appear anywhere. I started over again, never clicked on appearances just hovered, all there is is theme, widgets, etc. no theme option.



    Oh, you have the Twenty Ten theme, not the Twenty Eleven theme. (The Twenty Ten theme doesn’t have a theme options page.) I’m not sure if there is a universal way to add sidebars to all your pages at once with Twenty Ten—someone else can chime in if they know how to do this—but you can change each individual page layout on your site by editing the page and selecting the “Default Template” under Page Attributes – Template.


    Thanks for your help, I’ll see what I can do.



    Here’s more info about the Page Attributes module, in case it’s helpful: http://en.support.wordpress.com/pages/page-attributes/


    Yeah!!!! Thanks so much! That did it.



    Awesome! I’m so glad it worked. Sorry for the confusion earlier. :)

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