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    I am one of them that upgraded from live spaces (we are many) and there was one reason why I used live spaces (I also use blogger for a different type of blog. My live spaces one was just random stuff) that reason was because I could post it on to my site for all to read from my site (cant do with Blogger)
    So the question is.
    Can I place a WordPress blog on to my site (office live site)?
    Right now it is just linked

    My site name is Darkprinny.com

    The blog I need help with is dprinny.wordpress.com.



    Any chance of a answer?



    Bumping threads distorts the fabric of space and time as well as makes many of the unpaid volunteers that help you cranky.

    You have not really give us much to work with. Is Dark whatever a regular web site? Do you have FTP access and the ability to install programs on it? Do you just want a RSS feed that duplicates what you have on WordPress.COM? Do you want to have your WordPress.COM site in some sort of window?



    Nar it took about a day for some kind of reply.
    Bumping usually gets some kind of response.
    Its ok Microsoft helped me with a answer (the sites on there servers)
    So for those that are in a smiler predicament here it is
    “If you have a blog on WordPress then you can take the URL of the blog name and create a hyperlink on your website or can put the WordPress blog page on your website using <IFRAME> codes. In case it provides certain code, then you can put it under your HTML module or custom footer.

    Please note that PHP, MySQL and Apache is not supported in Microsoft Office Live Small Business.”

    Also I R LEARNED!



    G’day to you. Please read this support documentation entry very carefully so you comprehend that wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG run on different software, are completely separate and have separate support forums.I am sorry but the reality is that we here at wordpress.COM cannot help you with wordpress.ORG support issues or questions. http://support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/

    It’s important to comprehend the reality that wordpress.COM free hosted blogs cannot be embedded on websites – period. If that’s what you want then you must get a wordpress.ORG install for self-hosting. All questions pertaining embedding wordpress.ORG installs into websites MUST be directed to this support forum. http://wordpress.ORG/support/

    Best wishes for happy blogging.



    Glad you found a solution.

    FYI “IFRAME” code is not supported on WordPress.COM for security reasons. But as you noted above a WordPress.COM blog can be inserted into another site with “IFRAME”

    Good luck

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