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    I have an image on my Flickr account that I want to put as a badge on my left sidebar. I’ve tried pasting the flickr code into a text widget but although I save it and close when I visit my blog site it’s not there. I’ve managed to first duplicate someone else’s badge that I had posted, then entirely delete that one too. And also I want others to be able to use the badge on their blogs if they want to. Help!

    The blog I need help with is textisle.wordpress.com.


    Appearance –> Widgets –> Flickr



    Thanks, dreamsburned! I just tried that and changed the number of photos to 1 instead of 3 and copied the URL BUT when I looked at my blogsite I have a neat little badge that sez “MORE PHOTOS” not the actual image I’m trying to post. Thoughts, anyone?



    I believe the answer may be contained in this support entry http://en.support.wordpress.com/widgets/flickr-widget/



    Make sure you’re picking up the correct flickr feed. This Support doc will explain more:

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