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    I like this theme (1.7, widget-enabled) but is there a way to get the Tag Line to display?
    What if I want to insert an image in the top bar, say next to the “About” link, or to the right of it aligned up against the right edge of that heading section?

    What about adding links next to the “About” link?

    Sorry I’m new to WP and I would really like to know how to insert links or images in this area. Please help.




    You’re using the unsleepable theme and, no, it doesn’t look like you can use an image in the Top Bar.

    The theme supports additional Pages, which is how you get more tabs in the top navigation bar, but it looks like you’ll have to keep the names of your Pages short, otherwise they’re truncated.

    By “Tag Line” do you mean your name, the category? If Category, then it does appear. If you mean “posted by”, it doesn’t seem to appear.

    It’s always helpful to put a link to your WPcom blog in your forum profile.


    Sorry, I dont really have a blog to mention, just a lot of experimentation and it would probably be changed before you could see it. My questions are rather generic though, what I meant by “Tag Line” is what you write in the blog options, under the title of the blog. I think its actually called a Tag Line, isn’t it? Like a sub-title for the site. I notice this theme doesn’t seem to utilize the tag line anywhere.

    If I did want to put an image in the header, instead of the default grey color, is there a page I would need to edit to place those tags? I’m new to WP but, there’s always a page that can be edited, isn’t there?

    Thank you for your replies.




    Well then first of all welcome to WPcom and second, the best place to start would be with the links in this thread.

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