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Put one page on widget sidebar and keep the rest on the top.

  1. I want to add just one page from the top of my blog to the sidebar via the page widget. I have tried putting it on and excluding the rest of the pages which I want to remain on the top, but all the pages come up on the sidebar. I have used the long URLs and the short cut URLs and pasted them in the exclude section like it says. I am using Coraline which has the pages on the top, so maybe I can't do this?!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sounds like you need to use a Custom Menu for the tabbed header and a Text Widget for the sidebar.

  3. Also asked, and answered, here:
    Please don't post the same question twice.

  4. robertoneuburger

    Dear justpi, I´m afraid I need some help again. Recently I tried to add a new post, but when clicking on "publish" it appeared at the top of the Home Page, which was not what I intended (I wanted it to show up at the sidebar). Moreover, now that I try to find a solution, the Dashboard does not show the complete list of Posts, only 13, whilst there are many more (and they do show up at the Sidebar), Formerly, the list of showed arrows below so I could access the remaining Posts, but they doesn´t appear anymore.
    Thank you very much!

  5. That's because you're confusing posts with static pages. Posts are created in Posts > Add New, and edited in Posts > All Posts. Pages are created in Pages > Add New, and edited in Pages > All Pages. The Pages widget in the sidebar displays all your published pages, not posts. The main column displays your latest posts, not pages.

    And I'm seeing you've published several articles twice (pages as well as posts). That's pointless: you should decide where you want each one and delete the duplicates.

  6. robertoneuburger

    Thank you very much justpi! Indeed, it´s so long I didn´t add a new page that I had entirely forgotten the procedure, so I included it as "post". Thanks to your help I have been able to correct the mistake, I deleted the unnecesary post-addition and the page now has a link at the sidebar.
    You´re right concerning the duplicates. The problem is, I still don´t know what to put in the home page, so I left the first articles I posted, even though they also appear at the sidebar (this time, however, in the correct alphabetical order). When I find out how the home page should look like, you can be sure I´ll delete all unnecessary material. I should have a reference, perhaps the website of any other psychoanalyst?
    ...εθχαριστώ πολύ,

  7. robertoneuburger

    Dear justpi,
    Merry Christmas!
    I´ve checked some psychoanalysts´ homepage. As I thought, they look very much like my "about" page, so it would make even less sense to repeat exactly the same data (biography etc.), so the articles are not that bad, untli I can find something better.
    Furthermore, some of them show a Google map positioning their address, which I find pertinent. However, it seems there´s no way of including such an image within the text section, only setting it as "image". What´s strange though, is that when I attempt to do this, something prevents the image from showing at the top, and the previous image remains unchanged.
    Best, thanks again,

  8. robertoneuburger

    Presumably, the best would be to replace the current homepage with the Spanish version of the "about" page, so that overlappings are avoided. Nevertheless, I´d still would have to know whether I can include the map inside, or below the text, and keep the current image as a header above.

  9. robertoneuburger

    Everything done!
    There´s still one redundant paper in the homepage (the one in the "about" page is not), but it´s an important and significative one, so I´ll keep it there until I´m able to find something better.

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