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put widget on to change it back?

  1. rekindlethemagic

    I've just put the calendar widget on sidebar and everything else has do I get rid of calendar and get my other info back?

  2. The sidebars have a default setting and once you re-arrange the widgets that setting is over-ridden by the choices you make.
    -> Presentation - > Widgets
    Drag the calendar widget out of the "Sidebar" box and drop it into the "Available Widgtes" box, then do the same in reverse with the widgets you do want to display and click "Save Changes".
    These may be helpful
    understanding your Blogroll, Links widget and Categories
    understanding widgets and how to set them up

  3. Just drag the calendar widget back down to the box. Once that blue box where you add widgets is clear, it'll go back to the default settings.

    Or you can add the widgets you want one at a time so you can have the calendar too.

    *waves to TT*
    We're typing at the same time again.


  4. rekindlethemagic

    Oh so if I drag blogroll back will everything I had under Blogroll still be there? I've got things there that shouldn't be there because I didn't understand that I needed to move does it mean if I drag blogroll to sidebar with the calendar there, the calendar will stay? I will see if I understand your links.

  5. Please read the information I typed above and at the links I provided because it will answer your questions. You can remove the calendar widget (see above). You enter links into -> Blogroll but they do not display until you drag and drop the Links widget into the Sidebar box and click "Save Changes".

  6. rekindlethemagic

    Thank you so much for your help timethief...I've put it back to where it was and read your 2 "how to...." I'll try again another time.

    I want to send a newsletter with my blog...If I put the RSS feed on the sidebar, how do I connect my newsletter to it? I'm sorry I feel so ignorant.

  7. If you post your newsletter as a post then your readers will be able to get through the rss posts widget.

  8. rekindlethemagic

    Ok...thank you...that seems simple enough...let's hope I can do it...I imagine the connection comes through url...thank you again wishes

  9. Perhaps I should have said a bit more. The rss widgets are for displaying feeds from sites other than your own blog. There are alternatives. If your newsletter is pdf or doc file you can upload it into a post just the same way you upload an image. You can also offer email updates

    Perhaps this search box string will be of help too

  10. rekindlethemagic

    Thank you but I don't think I'm explaining myself properly...I want to send out a newsletter with a snippet of my blog and the link for recipients to go to my do I do that?

  11. I think what you are looking for is a plugin. Blog templates downloaded from and self hosted do have plugins. There is no newsletter plugin for blogs as we run on different software.

    Your alternatives are found here

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