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Put your BEST EVER post here

  1. Drop your best EVER post in the whole world here to show the blogging world how brilliant you are and maybe earn a new follower or two....if all else fails you may get a view from me :)
    So let's see it..........

    The blog I need help with is


    This. I have an undying hate for Luke Bryan, and expect a follow-up entitled "Daniel VS Luke Bryan, Round 2"

  3. Hahaa Dan, lot of love for this post :)


    It's pretty longish, but its funny as hell. And as we all know, hell is pretty damn funny. It's about how parents cried wolf with their lies so many times that it resulted in me getting injured!

  5. It's gonna be a long night reading these but by the sound of things a damn funny one :)

    Here's my best post well not really best but I just find it funny, it's a stupid poem that just came to me while walking back from a lecture. Check it out for it's pure ridiculousness

  6. @noir - that was my question - define best.

    I'll go with this one.

  7. @noir and teamoyeniyi define best, that's a good question. I would say the post you are most proud of at the moment, the one you want everyone to read. To be honest it's not exclusive to one post just a way to get people reading your own good posts :)

  8. Well, my most popular is by far this photo

  9. I tried but I love all my posts equally. They are all my babies, you can't ask me to pick a best one.

  10. My favourite is my 'interview' with a self-obsessed religious nut who frequented these parts a few months back. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out...

  11. LOL! I remember your verbal jousting with ApostleJack, he was definitely someone playing a character haha

  12. @tltcl I'm religious but that guy sounds like a bit of a nut......
    @sami116 hahaa you obviously have too many 'best' posts to choose from, not a bad position to be in I'd say :)

  13. @Noir wow Noir, your personal favorite is just awesome

  14. Thank again :)

  15. lettershometoyou

    For the number of comments (139 and counting): a spoof.

    For the fun I had in doing it: Skating among the windmills on the canals of Holland

  16. I am a professional writer and I often talk about that on my blog. I also try to give advice and support to writers who are just starting out, which is probably a holdover from my years as a teacher.

    I had a lot of people come up to me and comment they liked this particular post about writing. I like it, too, because it's something I believe and try to adhere to at least in my own fiction. I don't know if it's my best, but it is one I am very proud of. Hope you like it:

    A Story Cannot Exist Without a World

  17. theinsanityaquarium

    Something Wrong with Heart is probably my best (certainly most-viewed) post. Delving a little into dark storytelling, it's about a wait at a pharmacy at the end of the world.

    A more cheery story is Smelly the Goat... although I use the word 'cheery' loosely :D

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